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What We Believe

True Sanctuary of Praise is a Bible believing ministry which is rooted in an Apostolic anointing through Jesus Christ, based on the teachings of our Lord and Savior. It’s the Word of Jesus Christ we are concerned about not titles or positions. Matthew 10:1 states and when he had called unto [him] his twelve disciples, he gave them power [against] unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal all manner of sickness and all manner of disease. 2 Corinthians 12:12 says truly the signs of an apostle were wrought among you in all patience, in signs, and wonders, and mighty deeds.

At TSOP our greatest hope is that you will not only find a place you can attend, but also a place you can belong. We are committed to being a spiritual community, praying for one another, and caring for each other in times of joy and sadness.


Apostle Dr. Dwayne C. Perry

Senior Pastor

Dr. Dwayne C. Perry is the husband of Prophetess Esther Marcellus-Perry and they have been married for twenty years. They have three adult children Irving, Amber, and Cedric. Dr. Dwayne C. Perry has attained a Doctorate Degree in Education and in Ministry. Dr. Dwayne C. Perry is an evolving figure in the biblical and theological community. He has a passion for sharing the Word of God, Dr. Perry has become a respected teacher and preacher, delivering powerful sermons that inspire and challenge believers to live out their faith.

Dr. Dwayne Perry's expertise falls in the field of Education where the Lord used him to establish True Sanctuary of Praise in 2012, The Academy of True Sanctuary of Praise in 2014, Enhance Your Chance Community Development Center in 2014, True Sanctuary of Praise Bible College and Seminary in 2021, and Accelerated Kingdom Development in 2023. Dr. Dwayne C. Perry's is actively involved in mentoring and discipling others, equipping them to grow in their faith and become effective ambassadors for Christ. He has the call of empowering leaders in different nations and will continue to submit to Jesus Christ! His commitment to biblical truth and his unwavering faith has earned him a reputation as a trusted spiritual leader and advisor.


Prophetess Esther Perry

Prophetess /First Lady 

Though raised in a Christian home I found myself lusting after the things of the world. I felt that I was missing something or that I was robbed of my teenage years. That led me to try and make up for lost time. I began to club and party and defy all of the things that I knew were pleasing to God. Unfortunately, it turned out the only thing I was missing was the opportunity to follow the calling that was clearly on my life. I chose to put what I knew aside and began to give Satan and the world my time. Through my partying and illicit lifestyle I ended up having a son at the age of twenty years old, but that did not stop the partying. I continued to date, and party and club and continue in a downward spiral.

But blessed be the name of the Lord, I was trained up in the way I should go, my parents taught us the word of God. I had accepted the Lord for myself at the age of twelve.  I realized that I was the one who strayed away from what I was taught. Thank God he is a God of second chances. By the age of 28 I had, had enough of the world, enough of partying, and serving the world. I heard from the Lord and decided to rededicate my life, it was not long after that I was ordained as an Evangelist by my childhood Pastor, Sewlyn Scott of Miami Fl. As the Lord would have it, as I began to delight myself in the Lord, he gave me the desires of my heart. I met Dwayne Perry and we got married. Upon marriage, my son and I relocated to Riverview Fl where we currently reside. Dwayne and I served at From the Heart/Rivers Of Life Ministries where we were later ordained as Ministers. After serving at that church for seven years, Dwayne heard from the Lord, as he was instructed to head our own ministry. Though shaky and unsure, I followed my husbands call and stepped out on faith and began True Sanctuary of Praise. We have been in Ministry now for five years and the Lord has truly blessed us. Thank God for keeping me, he did not allow the world and wilds of the devil to consume me, he had work for me to do. I now accept the calling and the charge on my life, I will let my light so shine with the power of Holy Spirit, allow my gifts to make room for me and be a fishermen of men.

TSOP Senior Leadership

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